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John Laframboise

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Founder and author at, a Blog that follows my journey to become a millionaire. Previously held job positions in the Canadian banking industry and has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Windsor in Canada. A regular guy with a passion for saving and investing.

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Even on a lower income, it is very possible to become a successful stock market investor. Learn the most important key principals of the greatest investors of our time and how you can apply them to

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Learn the techniques of the greatest investors of our time, Warren Buffett and Ben Graham. This how-to manual explores many of the simple common sense principles that have made Buffet and Graham

Investing> Stocks l 2 years ago

If you don't think you are capable of being a visionary and making a difference in the world, then read on. Human beings are capable of extraordinary feats, and there is no reason you can't

Self Improvement> Empowerment l 2 years ago

To save you the hassle, I share some common mistakes beginning investors make with online investment broker accounts. Why pay unnecessary fees and interest payments? Learn the mistakes right now so

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