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Tracy Brittain

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Bio for Tracy T. Brittain, who is the chief architect of PR50 Media Group Online Marketing & Multimedia Agency:

Background> Tracy developed a communications firm online and assumed the role as the President and Founder of the company. She respectively took on the role as the chief communications officer for any functions related to public relations and marketing. PR50 Media Group provides global consumer solutions and non-traditional business acumen, in order to administer exciting public relations and marketing functions.

Experience> Her experience and skills comes from including 10+ years working in varied industries like; non-profits, government, aviation, sales & marketing. We will apply corporate branding in digital messaging, new media, marketing strategies, and online objectives. We can analyze media solutions for any business type or size. The business units that we support are; corporations, non-profits, service providers, ecommerce, consultants, and start-up conglomerates.

Social Media> Our online agency is using innovative products and real-time insights in communications and social media ethos. We're on Twitter and Facebook; and we're always looking for new fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. Our brand is based on an active community on social networks like; She's Connected, Digg and Stumbleupon.

Development> We want to help organizations move away from traditional media and communication structures. We are passionate and have the communication channels to help businesses move away from the normal way of getting the word out and garnering awareness. We will start a promotions campaign that will get your business moving and gaining new revenues.

Teams> We have a professional team of consultants that can offer your company a powerful combination of new media practices; branding, social networking, press & media, website development, targeting new demographics and changing business processes to meet the challenges of today.

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