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Angelica Valerio

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I was born in Angola, in the city of Luanda many moons ago. It was a beautiful country until war ravaged its landscape and robbed it of it's innocence. Yet, despite that, I am told it is the faster growing economy in Africa today.

Having grown up, mostly in South Africa, this is the country of my heart and it's rhythm beats strongly in my body and my Spirit. It is unlike any other place I have ever visited in my 12 years of travelling on business.

My beginnings in my country of birth and my advancement in this country, have added to my curiosity and my absolute love of people. They have been my passion and The Great Mind has been my path.

I have loved every minute of learning about the human mind, of the ebullient and effervescent potential sitting within us all. I have been, especially honored to have had, a hand in helping people flare and flourish their greatness.

In that, I thank you all, in humble light and love!

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