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Mike Pagan

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Having spent the first half of my working life in the corporate world with HSBC Group and Forte Group with Granada Group.

I was then accused of being the best salesman in the world when I convinced a wife, baby, rucksack, no home, no job nor car and moved to Western Australia.

Life changed for me there when I was introduced to the fast world of entrepreneurial business and the web, providing commercial skills to a young dot com business that is still trading, and continues to grow.

After three years in Australia, I returned to the UK and in 2002 launched Breaking Frontiers through which I deliver all my speaking, MC'ing, workshops and coaching programmes.

My passion is productivity one, of my greatest frustrations in life is seeing talent and opportunities go to waste because of faffing about.

I am based in Warwickshire in the UK with my wife Sarah and three children.

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How often did your parents tell you when you were a child that you had to take responsibility for your actions? How if you did x, then y would happen and not to be surprised when everything went

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