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Xavier Fransisco

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Brief History

I am a Florida native and live in South Florida. I have lived in other parts of the United States but have always called Florida my home. I proudly wear my badge of "Geek". I have always enjoyed working with technology. I am at my best when learning new skills. I also excel at inserting a creative flair to my work as much as possible.

Where it all started...

I got my first taste of the computing world when Commodores were in the mainstream(remember those?). My first computer was a Commodore 128D. I enjoyed it until I decided to take it apart to figure out all its components and to satisfy my curiosity about what made it work. Sadly, I learned quickly that I enjoyed taking technology apart but was not very apt at reassembling it back into working condition. So began my love affair with technology. From there I would go one to own many more PC's and eventually learned how to build them as well (yes, they worked after I built them). My ingrained curiosity for discovering how things work would continue to be a part of my life through this very day.

Helping Others...

As I begin my journey I do so with the intent of creating products that will help others make their lives that much better as a result. I will discuss where I am going and how I am getting there. I will write about what I have learned and how I am applying it.

I set forth armed with very little say for some technological knowledge and some understanding of how the Internet works. I do not pretend that this journey will be easy. There is no big red "EASY" button in life. If there were such a thing I suppose there would not be much to be learned from. Its in the struggles that I find I learn most from. Success comes to those who truly want it, reach for it and never give up along the way. It is my hope that as I reach for my own success story that you join me every step of the way while reaching for your own goals. Anything new and worth while will seem daunting at first, but with some diligence, creativity and yes, patience, I believe we'll get there and celebrate our goals together.

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