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Melissa Davies

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I'm a student of life, learning and expanding each day- working on letting go of my ego and surrendering to the bigger picture!

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Coconut oil has multiple benefits and uses. It can be used for increasing immunity, reducing stress, hair care, skin care, weight loss, bone strength, dental care, anti-aging, and more. Furthermore,

Health & Fitness> Anti Aging l 2 years ago

The real beauty of a man or women is not in their appearance, but what lies beneath that. We'll all been told this before, mainly because it is so important to remember. Living in a materialistic

Self Improvement> Empowerment l 2 years ago

It is a wonderful feeling to be in a home that is clean and organised. With spring just around the corner, decluttering is something that many people are starting to think about. Depending on how

Real Estate> Moving Relocating l 2 years ago

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