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In 2009 WLY Enterprise's founder, William Lee, was celebrating with family and friends upon receiving his Bachelor Degree in Information Technology. Like many other college graduates, he had high expectations for the future and was looking forward to navigating through the IT field. After two years of hundreds of submitted resumes and even fewer call backs, William found himself at a crossroad. Short on promising prospects and ready for a new opportunity, he decided to use his 9 years of fast food, retail, IT, and distribution experience to start his own business. In April of 2011, WLY Enterprise was born; when William took a chance on selling items on EBay. After seeing great success, he realized the potential service he could offer the public and decided to develop his own website. In August of 2011, Personal Self Defense Equipment was born.

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Have you watched the news lately? I know most of the material they report is depressing, but take 5 to 10 minutes to watch it. You will notice men and women explaining to thousands and sometimes

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