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Leon Steyn

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I am a student of life, searching for the deeper meaning of the unknown, including the reasons for the existence of the Universe and the reason for my own life. I am amazed at the ability of humans, to express their inner emotions and experiences in words so that other people can decode these words into pictures and feelings. This illusion is turned into something tangible and a physical reaction is experienced. We then cry, laugh or feel sad or happy about something we've been told, yet not seen.

I am on a journey, the beginning I don't know where, the end I don't know when.

I love writing and travel to places filled with stones and deserts. I spent time in a Zen Monastery to learn to calm my soul while experiencing the glory of life. I plan to travel along the southern border of india from the west to the east as soon as I can. Leon ( )

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One of the most stimulating, alluring and enticing pictures of a woman ever taken made it to the cover of National Geographic in October 1987. Covered from head to toe is a woman that grabs all male

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Most astronomers accept the theory that the Universe was together in a dense point at some time in the past. Then after a violent explosion it started to expand. While the point of explosion is

Reference & Education> Astronomy l 2 years ago

The Moon is something we take for granted since it is always there. But if you ask someone on the street where the Moon is he will probably not know. We think the Moon is always visible and yet this

Reference & Education> Astronomy l 2 years ago

Striving to understand the past makes humans observers of our environment. The space above us is one place where we find the most information and the moon as the closest other special body was the

Reference & Education> Astronomy l 2 years ago

Rugby is played around the world but South Africa, New Zeeland, Australia and England are the only teams to have been World Champions. This contest is every four years. If you understand rugby, you

Recreation & Sports> Rugby l 2 years ago

The Pharaohs of Egypt were exceptional men and looking at Egypt today one can see why the theory that they were not Egyptians could be true. But then again you need faith to believe they were gods,

Arts & Entertainment> Humanities l 2 years ago

To understand the level of cosmic consciousness you can look at many examples of people that were constantly functioning on this level. You can use Koans to experience the joy and difficulty in

Reference & Education> Special Education l 2 years ago

Once you get over the reality that you were fired you should make yourself ready for a fight. To do this you will need to make sure you are in a good psychological condition. Secondly make sure you

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