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Lauren Slade

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Lauren Slade is the Principal and Founder of the Universal College of Reflexology, established since 1991. She is constantly exploring ways of expanding the field of expertise and knowledge for this most effective and ancient healing art of Reflexology.

For over a decade Lauren has pioneered ways of bringing high quality Reflexology Education to students where ever they may live in world, believing that everyone has the right to practice and experience the healing powers of Reflexology. Lauren is very proud of her exciting Professional Foot Reflexology Practitioner course, available exclusively through the Universal College of Reflexology's new on-line distant education program.

Lauren combines her over 30 years experience as a Health Care Practitioner to offer 12 certified world class post graduate / advanced training for those Reflexologists who are looking to take their practices to the next level.

Lauren is also a Master Herbalist, Reiki Master / Teacher, Homeopath, Massage Therapist, Bio-Feedback Specialist with additional training in many other wholistic health therapies. Lauren has uniquely combined her vast knowledge from these various modalities to integrate Reflexology with Reiki, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Herbs and Crystals.

Teaching others how to have fun and heal themselves and their lives is one of Lauren's main passions in life.

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