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Phil Grisolia

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Phil Grisolia has been variously described as a serial entrepreneur, a respected educator, a popular author, a highly effective marketing professional, and - according to several business owners who are clients of his deliberately small marketing and management consulting firm - Phil is also an excellent business coach.

In addition to serving the needs of his clients, Phil also donates a portion of his free time to the group known as "SCORE" for which he counsels owners or troubled businesses as well as the increasing number of men and women looking to start businesses of their own.

As an entrepreneur, Phil created a number of companies over the years. Not all of them were successful, but what he learned from his failures helped him eliminate mistakes when starting his next venture. Those failures also provided him with the wealth of experience he uses in teaching and as a business coach.

As a respected adjunct professor for more than two decades, Phil created and taught evening courses in marketing and management to owners of small businesses and to those who wanted to be. And for three years he produced and hosted the award-winning cable TV series - Do It For MoneyƂ? - designed to help viewers start businesses of their own.

Two of the several books Phil has written - "101 Questions You Must Ask Before You Start Your Business" as well as "30 Money-Making Marketing Secrets No One Ever Told You!" - are available on

A corporate marketing professional most of his adult life, Phil is also an award-winning copywriter, an accredited Certified Business Communicator and an internationally syndicated business writer.

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