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Jan Smith

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In 2009 I relocated from Edmonton Canada back to Australia. I now live in Hervey Bay Queensland. I have lived in other countries overseas and have also traveled Australia extensively as well as visiting numerous other countries for holidays.

I could be classified as a perennial gray-haired nomad but I would prefer to have it said that I'm passionate about traveling and learning new things and making new friends.

The reason I appear to write on such a broad range of subjects is because I am what is becoming known as a "Web Publisher". That is, a person who designs and publishes web sites and writes articles and opinion pieces for other web publishers, Ezines, newspapers and syndicated columns.

My background is Public Relations and Marketing; and in particular marketing the services of Trade Businesses. My passions are Politics, the Internet, Reading, Writing, traveling, Architecture, Engineering and Art.

I believe innovative thinking leads to advances in knowledge and is something that needs encouragement, never disparagement and my favorite quote comes from Winston Churchill when he said "Attitude is a little word that makes a big difference". How very true!

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