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Margaret Randall

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I was born and raised in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and have always enjoyed hearing people's stories. As a new graduate of the University of Wisconsin Journalism school many years ago, I remember my first job writing feature stories for a newspaper. I didn't think it was work at all. I got to go to people's homes and write about the interesting things they were doing.

Helping people to tell their stories is fun and interesting. I read about people who have done so much with their lives and it is inspiring.

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Thinking about story ideas and that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, maybe it is a good time to consider writing a story about that. You could write a story about a Thanksgiving tradition

Writing & Speaking> Creative Writing l 2 years ago

OK so it's wintertime. It's cold outside and it's good to be warm inside with something good to eat.

Food and Drink> Crockpot Recipes l 2 years ago

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