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Diane Cossie

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Why@dianecossie? Ace Creative Online Marketer, creator of The Project Lifestyle Club, Marketing Director of Contemporary Log Living which she runs with her husband of 30 years Pete, Very Cool Mum, Wife & Nana, NEVER short of ideas and inspiration for your business .. Oh and by the way & she can teach you how to ǝÊ?ıɹʍ uʍopǝpısdn too if you want plus all the "HOW TO" stuff you want to know about building your Project Lifestyle business online with Wordpress but were afraid to ask!

The Project Lifestyle Club is an online business club designed to stop people from getting rooted to the spot with information overload. From Wordpress set up and start up to ongoing monthly support, classes, events and traffic webinars the club is perfect for you if you have a website or Wordpress blog and still do not know what the heck to do with it.

Diane has been mentored by many of the top internet marketers online for over 3 years and The Project Lifestyle Club was created by Diane out of the sheer frustration she witnessed people experiencing online even though they were part of a paint by numbers type marketing system which was supposed to be the solution to all their problems.

Completely fed up with the lack of clear easy to understand information about how to make more money with a blog at the heart of your business, the Project Lifestyle Club looks set to rocket people's results online in the UK.

Diane Cossie seeks to help small business owners and home based entrepreneurs get to grips with Wordpress, Social Media marketing, Content Marketing and more to generate highly qualified leads for their businesses even if they have never heard of the word Wordpress before.

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For many people just starting out online there is nothing wrong with using a business in a box type system especially if you have never done anything online before, but do not be fooled into thinking

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