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Reverend Albert Kang received his Master of Divinity in 1985 from Far East Advanced School of Theology (now known as Asia Pacific Theological Seminary), a Bible Seminary belonging to the Assemblies of God. God has used him to initiate 16 churches and 3 orphanages in Asia and USA. His first church in Singapore grew from 23 people to 1,700 within six years. For 7 years, he ministered in Cambodia where he planted a Cambodian church and 3 orphanages. He then co-founded a new church in Pittsburgh, PA before returning to Singapore in 2001. Today, his ministry is based in Malaysia and affiliated with High Praise Church in Subang Jaya. He serves as the Pastoral Advisor to various churches in Malaysia. He is also the Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia and Church Growth Consultant, conducting Church Growth Seminars and Leadership Training. His ordination is from Victory New Testament International, which is based in Texas, USA. Reverend Albert Kang is married to Grace Ong who is a Nutritionist and Editor of a health magazine. They worship at High Praise Church in Subang and live with their 3 lovely dogs and 2 wonderful cats in Malaysia

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