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Penelope Diaz

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Together with my husband we have over 25 years of Utah real estate experience. We use that wealth of knowledge to help both buyers and sweller interested in the Utah market.

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Termites are a homeowners nightmare. They can destroy your home and cause thousands of dollars wort of damage What can you do to protect your home? Read on to find out!

Pets> Insects Arachnids l 2 years ago

Summer brings warmth, picnics, outdoor fun and stinging bugs such as wasps and yellow jackets. Maybe you have been stung before, and if so, then you know how painful a sting can be. This article

Pets> Insects Arachnids l 2 years ago

Mosquitoes are everywhere, but Florida ranks number two in the nation as home to the most kinds of mosquitoes. Are the dangers that mosquitoes cause real or exaggerated? Read this article to find out

Pets> Insects Arachnids l 2 years ago

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