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Lesley Carr

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Lesley Carr writes about all aspects of printing and publishing. Everything from commercially printed materials which enhance your company's marketing strategy and increase sales, to tips and advice for people who are looking to self publish their work.

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I have some great news for you - low cost catalog printing certainly does not mean you have to put up with poor quality products! The printing business is a hugely competitive one nowadays, and savvy

Business > Marketing Direct l 2 years ago

Contrary to what you might think, publishing a cookbook yourself is not especially difficult, providing you fully appreciate what you're taking on, and you have some basic knowledge of the subject.

Writing & Speaking> Publishing l 2 years ago

If you are involved with a community group that needs to raise some funds, writing a cookbook and publishing it yourselves can be a very profitable project. I've done this a couple of times, firstly

Business > Fundraising l 2 years ago

The task of finding a publisher for your book can be daunting. Even J.K. Rowling, the highly acclaimed author of the Harry Potter books, received many rejections before achieving her phenomenal

Book Reviews> Childrens Books l 2 years ago

It would be hard to argue against the premise that the language and themes commonly used in children's books are relatively straightforward when compared to those in adult novels. However, as an

Writing & Speaking> Publishing l 2 years ago

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