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Darrin Reeves

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I started Greatapeels LLC in 2003 with a vision for the future of fundraising. I wanted to pioneer online fundraising as well as home delivery options. I am proud to say that we are doing just that.

At 19 years old I became a competitive bodybuilder and it was the drive and committment I learned from that experience that has given me the strength and detremination to conquer and task I set my mind to. I have had as many failures as I have successes and life is a journey i enjoy daily.

I live by the philosophy life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. I don't believe in excuses and I do believe in accountability. I run my business just like my life and if you ever need something from me don't hesitate top ask. I love making new friends and sharing ideas. I get most of my joy from giving and for that I am grateful. I have attitude, but don't mind being hunbled, it's good for you.

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Fundraising is simple when you know who your supporters really are. Research shows time and time again that Women make the majority of the buying decisions when it comes to school fundraisers. This

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The number one reason most fundraisers fail today in our schools is simple. The kids simply don't participate and they are missing out on a fundamental life lesson, which is the importance,

Business > Fundraising l 2 years ago

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