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Doron Gil, Ph.D.

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Doron Gil, Ph.D., is an Expert on Self-Awareness and Relationships, with a 30 year experience as a university teacher, workshop leader, counselor and consultant. Dr. Gil has taught classes on Self-Awareness and Relationships to thousands of students, lectured on these and related topics at conferences world-wide, and trained physicians, managers, school teachers and parents how to develop Self-Awareness in order to improve their personal and professional relationships. Dr. Gil is the author of The Self-Awareness Guide to a Successful Intimate Relationship. In his book Dr. Gil explains how being unaware sabotages relationships and teaches how to develop Self-Awareness.

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If you find yourself in unsatisfying relationships over and over again, or without a partner, the reason might well be that you sabotage yourself without even knowing that you do. One way might be,

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Your partners might often see in you characteristics and traits you don't acknowledge and accept in yourself. The reason being - you reject and depress these in you if you feel they don't correlate

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