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Carmello C Antoine

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Yes, it is me the most inquisitive as I can be! Known currently by few and soon to be by all. I am "Ello M Ello." I'm known for my mellifluous state of mind and eloquent creativity. One word that describes me would definitely be equanimity. I'm here to reach out to great minds that think alike. I am making a career for myself by rebuilding weak-minds into mindful inspiring artist. I don't believe anyone is unsuccessful unless they are successful at never trying to learn something new. I would love to give you a better Biography of myself but I would rather give you the opportunity to approach me with open arms. I look forward to working with you.

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Since the dawn of time history has been our story. A story with both fiction & non-fiction current events, and has written about the historical culture I admire so much...

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Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to be acknowledged or become successful with the right people? It's actually because the world is like a deck of cards.

Book Reviews> Internet Marketing l 2 years ago

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