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Geoffrey J Norman

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After leaving college I spent many years at the highest level in Industry, mainly with speciality chemicals and offshore fabrication businesses. Having enough of earning lord knows how much for others I took early retirement to do things for myself an my family. I have dedicated the past 10 years with my son helping to grow his business in the Insurance supply chain environment. I have benn running my online marketing business now for some years and loving every minute of it.

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Hopefully you have thought about setting yourself some meditation goals. Well now may be the right time to do this in a more formal, written, fashion because writing things down helps to cement them

Self Improvement> Mind Development l 2 years ago

You should claim all that you are entitled to when making Homeowners Insurance Claims. You need to know how to beat the tricks and schemes dreamed up by Unscrupulous Claims Handlers. You need to know

Insurance> Home Owners Renters l 2 years ago

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