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Kathryn M Severance

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Kathryn has lived in several states in the U.S. and also for several years in France. During this time she has learned about various styles of cooking. While in France she became knowledgeable about fibers and fabrics by learning about weaving, lace making and tapestries. Currently she revisits some of her favorite spots to continue learning and developing her interests. The manufacturers can always expect visits from her while she discovers new products and meets the craftsmen and women who create new and improved products for you.

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Thread count is important when choosing fabric for a particular use. For those times when the fabric is only being used once, a tight weave is not necessary. However for other uses, high thread count

Home Improvement> Interior Design l 2 years ago

It is possible to continue cooking excellent meals in compact kitchens and galleys by using multi-use, space saving and flexible equipment. Suggestions for choosing such equipment are given.

Food and Drink> Cooking Supplies l 2 years ago

Quality linen is dependent on the quality of the cloth and the threads used to weave it. Important to quality fabric is the length of the fiber used in spinning the threads used in weaving the cloth.

Home & Family> Crafts Supplies l 2 years ago

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