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Ethan Lumsden

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Ethan Lumsden is a part-time internet marketer working out of Albury, Australia.

I am an avid bodybuilder and real estate developer. Internet marketing appealed to me as a new career direction because of the opportunities it offered and the benefit of working for myself from home.

I am currently developing several affiliate based web sites, and lookes to moving into subscription based web sites soon.

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Landlords invest in rental properties to make money, not become a charitable foundation. So why do so many of them turn their investment into a charity? Why is it that some investors can research,

Articles Categories> Investing l 2 years ago

You're in this business to make money! Sadly, you might not be generating as much cash as you sought or expected. Or, perhaps you've seen how easy it can be to make money through owning rental

Real Estate> Leasing Renting l 2 years ago

Despite your best efforts, it may be possible that you're not finding this to be a pleasurable or beneficial investment. Even the best investors sometimes choose a dud. Is it time to cut your losses

Real Estate> Selling l 2 years ago

Owning rental properties isn't almost as glamorous as some people might think and doesn't provide the almost immediate profits that flipping homes may however it truly is a wonderful and extremely

Articles Categories> Investing l 2 years ago

There are definitely some blunders you want to avoid so you can be successful as a rental real estate investor. Avoiding these errors will help set you on the path to success. Learn from people

Articles Categories> Investing l 2 years ago

Once you have decided on purchasing rental property and found the perfect property, it's time to set the wheels in motion to make the acquisition! You will no doubt need to put forward a Letter of

Articles Categories> Investing l 2 years ago

Now that you will have completed a load of upfront work to uncover a region and type of rental property to purchase, it's time to settle down and invest in the correct one. Here are some final tips

Articles Categories> Investing l 2 years ago

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