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Tora Cullip

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Hi, I'm Tora of where we help people who are fed up of carrying extra weight have ultimate weight control so they can have more confidence, more freedom and more lifestyle choices.

For many years Tora struggled with an eating disorder, anorexia nervosa, and had many disordered beliefs about food and herself. She weighed in at 37kg, 20kg/45lbs less than she is now.

A turning point for Tora came when she realised she would never achieve the results she wanted as a runner if she didn't stop her disordered eating beliefs and behaviour. This became her purpose for getting healthy again, and she progressed from being a runner to a successful triathlete, representing the UK in three world championships.

Over the years Tora's passion for fitness evolved into a passion for health in general. She aimed to learn everything she could about health, fitness and nutrition so she could live a fit AND healthy life.

Having an eating disorder has left Tora with an intense hatred of diets, counting calories, fads and quick fixes. She has seen too many people try and fail to get the results they want doing it this way.

Tora has been at her ideal weight for over 15 years, but knows that for many people this seems like a faraway dream. Tora's believes that people struggle with weight control rather than weight loss - it's harder to keep weight off once you've lost it, but most diets and weight loss programs only teach half the story.

That's why Tora joined forces with Donna to create Donna used to be 30kgs/70lbs overweight, so between us we have experienced both sides of the weight spectrum.

Tora writes articles that she hopes will help people to get the mindset and motivation to lose weight and keep it off.

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