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Politics affects everyone in the country. Each generation has different life experiences and concerns about politics. Being a Millennial myself, I have found it harder and harder to find a site or commentary about politics from an independent's point of view, especially one that takes the viewpoint of a Millennial.

Many Millennials are much more civic minded in their political views than our Baby Boomer parents that run Washington and the media today. Since Baby Boomers are much more idealistic when it comes to politics, it should not surprise anyone that Washington is in such a terrible state of gridlock today.

David W. Gray has designed The Political Zealot to bring independent analysis of politics from a Millennial's point of view. Being a Millennial, I am much more inclined to work together and come to a compromise than most of the Baby Boomers that are in Congress today. Because of this, The Political Zealot will strive to find ways to bridge the gaps of both sides of the political aisle and bring solutions to the table. Come join us at

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