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Joseph A Glynn

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After being told for years he should write for a living, Joseph A. Glynn is trying to forge a career as an author. He has a bachelor's degree in history from Northern Illinois University, a master's degree in American history from Illinois State University, a master's degree in library and information science from Indiana University, and a paralegal certificate from Roosevelt University. He currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky, and is the creator of the blog An Ordinary Joe's Soapbox. This blog fetures a slightly curmudgeonly but wry and sarcastic middle-aged ordinary Joe periodically getting on his Internet soapbox and expressing his opinion on almost anything under the sun that interests him. It is aimed to be funny, sad, uplifting, controversial, unexpected, and, above all, thought-provoking.

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Opening day for the new National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs occurred on April 25, 1876. In Louisville, Ky., the Chicago White Stockings beat the Louisville Grays by the score of 4-0. This

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Ever since we were children, we are told honesty is the best policy, yet there are lies everywhere. This articles details a few of the most frequent lies that drive me up the wall.

News & Society> Pure Opinion l 2 years ago

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