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Madan G Singh

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Madan is a widely traveled Air Force Wing Commander.He subsequently opted out for a career in the civilian field and has held many significant appointments with Multinationals and large Groups. He loves to write and has published over 50 short stories. He has also penned two novels which are awaiting publication. In addition he writes on the net on a vast array of topics. A post graduate in Management and Law, Madan is on the look out for varied challanges in life.

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The Second World War ended in 1945 by the dropping of two Atomic Bombs on Japan. This feat itself needs scrutiny and is the start of the decline of the West. Japan, it has been conclusively proved

News & Society> International l 2 years ago

Tarzan is a fictional character created by a writer with an unlikely name; Edgar Rice Burroughs. To him must go the credit for creating a legend that has entertained young and old for a hundred

Arts & Entertainment> Humanities l 2 years ago

On 13 Feb 1849 the famous battle of Chillianwala took place. The Sikh army under General Sher Singh Attariwala had inflicted a defeat on the British army led by General Sir Hugh Gough. Chillianwala

News & Society> Military l 2 years ago

When I was undergoing the Staff Course at Wellington, I was introduced to the name of General Count Von Schieffelin (1833-1913). A deeper study conveyed to me that he was one of the most important

News & Society> Military l 2 years ago

What is The Wild West The Wild West is the word that that has been coined for a period in American history that coincided with the movement of the white settlers west wards. It was a turbulent period

Arts & Entertainment> Humanities l 2 years ago

India has not much of a tradition in the field of sports and hardly any in the men's track and field events. It is hard to reconcile that a nation of over a billion people has a paucity of heroes in

Recreation & Sports> Track and Field l 2 years ago

  I must confess that two things which I have loved are t western films and books of that turbulent period referred to as the 'wild west' in American history of the 19th century. This was a period

Book Reviews> Westerns l 3 years ago

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