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Chris Borg

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Chris is a practicing pharmacist who likes to garden, ski, and motorcycle in his free time. He Lives on Long Island and together with his wife Diane, have raised two children that are now on their own. Lately, Chris has turned his attention to empowering others to become financially free.

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Everyone knows why they should have life, auto and homeowners insurance. You should also consider some of these lesser known, but just as important insurance products.

Insurance> Disability l 2 years ago

Insurance planning is closely intertwined with your financial freedom. Proper coverage with all aspects of your life and possessions is very important if you want to sleep well at night.

Insurance> Life Annuities l 2 years ago

With tax season upon us, it is never too late to start preparing for the next time you have to file your taxes. Proper tax planning will go a long way to securing your financial freedom if you can

Finance > Taxes l 2 years ago

Everyone knows that you need to invest in the stock market if you expect to grow a nest egg for your financial freedom. But many people shudder at the thought of buying bonds. Come and learn why

Investing> Retirement Planning l 2 years ago

Many companies offer to match an employee's contribution into their 401(k) plan. If this is available to you, you must take advantage of it as it is "free" money. Don't delay, start today!

Investing> IRA 401k l 2 years ago

Everyone should be saving and investing inside an I.R.A. or a Roth I.R.A. Which one is right for you? Here is what you need to know.

Finance > Wealth Building l 2 years ago

Manic depressive treatment options have been much improved from years gone by. Today's choices include cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy and several other new modalities in addition to the

Health & Fitness> Depression l 2 years ago

These days it seems like more and more people are having the bipolar label placed on them. If you think you have mood swings that include mania and or depression, than you might want to take a look

Health & Fitness> Mood Disorders l 2 years ago

Investment planning is such an important part of everyone's financial freedom that you would think that high school would teach it to you. Unfortunately, that is not the case. You must learn all

Investing> Retirement Planning l 2 years ago

Have you had enough at the gas pumps? Are you sick and tired of high gas bills? Why not take some motorcycle lessons and commute on two wheels. Your wallet will thank you for it.

Automotive> Motorcycles l 2 years ago

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