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Antoinette Oglethorpe

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Antonette Oglethorpe is a Leadership Development Consultant who provides coaching, training & facilitation services.

She works with high achieving executives and business leaders to help them develop their careers, drive change and achieve business growth.

Many business leaders are highly skilled in their area of specialism - but are struggling to achieve transformational change with and through others. Antoinette helps them develop practical tools, techniques and strategies so that they can take action and make pragmatic and effective progress in those areas that will have the greatest impact on their future success.

She generally works with clients who are trying to drive through significant changes in their business or career and are finding that people issues are getting in the way. I provide coaching to help them move forward or create change in their careers and organisations; I design and deliver bespoke workshops and programmes to develop their leadership skills and capabilities and I facilitate strategy workshops, team meetings, action learning sets and peer coaching groups to help groups and teams improve their effectiveness,

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Having grappled with the recession for this long, senior managers and leaders have been focussed on staying afloat, cutting costs and delivering as well as possible under challenging circumstances.

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