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Earlier in life, I, like many, believed in some kind of existence beyond this life, and I figured that God would work it all out somehow (heaven and hell, and all that). I figured that I was a fairly decent person-no better or worse than most. So, why should I worry? After all, God loves us all-right? Then, one day, I began to wonder if there wasn't more to life than scoring some money, and spending it on stuff until we die. So, I went to church and found out that God wasn't going to work it all out, because God already HAD worked it all out. More than 2000 years ago, God worked it all out by sending His Son. Now, it is up to each of us.

Unfortunately, for those who ignore Jesus, they have a destiny with hell. Yet, many still say that somehow, God will work it all out, not knowing that He already has. The ball is in our court.

Then, as a result of leading youth groups (and getting the same questions as I had while learning science in school), I got more deeply into the study of creation and evolution.

Further, as a result of a conversation I had with a perplexed young man (whose father was a pastor), regarding how a loving God could impute (declare) us as sinners, based upon someone else's sin (Adam's), I began to truly study the doctrines. (Note: The end result being two in-depth studies I've written on Predestination and Original Sin, as well as several books.

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Myths arose from Babylon and spread to Greece, to Rome, and into our culture today. One of the arguments used by modern day critics of the Bible is that clay tablets from Nineveh, dated to the 7th

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