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Jane Thursday

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Jane Thursday is a freelance writer and editor, a mother of two young children, and an elementary school principal. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership, a masters degree in school administration, and 6-12 English Language Arts teaching licensure. She has studied public education in the United States, South Africa, the Philippines, and England.

Although her life revolves around her children, she enjoys classical guitar, coffee roasting, wine tasting, and long walks through her farm in rural North Carolina.

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I'm an elementary school principal, and head lice cases happen from time to time at my mid-sized school in rural North Carolina. The issue didn't get my full attention, however, until my own

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There's no need to kill and drill for at end of year test or to cram at the end. However, it pays to teach children a few simple testing strategies when taking a standardized reading test.

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Some office environments are more productive than others. Do what you can to protect your time and your professional reputation.

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Alfie Kohn is the author of controversial What Does it Mean to be Well Educated (2004). Find out how your own education measures up.

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