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Cara Lumen

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Cara Lumen, MA, Your Idea Optimizer, helps thoughtful leaders effectively organize their ideas so they can educate, motivate and inspire their chosen community. As a Business Coach, Curriculum Development Coach, and Educator, Cara helps you craft information products that help you build a community of like-minded seekers. As founder of The Magnetic Signature Products Guild and developer of the Magnetic Content Development System, Cara coaches, teaches and writes about how to create a Success Library of Signature Information Products that will change lives and in turn change our world. She helps you teach what you know and attract the people you are meant to serve.

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Where you look to see how you are doing or where you want to go is very revealing. How you reference your progress dictates the outcome you will generate.

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

I just learned an important lesson about the value of looking at what you have from different angles. On the physical plane, it involved the interchange of three pieces of furniture.

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

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