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Joshua Black

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Joshua Black is an on-line infopreneuer, copywriter, marketing consultant, and permanent student of business since 2000.

He runs the Underdog Millionaire Blog designed to help the bootstrapping entrepreneur make tons of money on a small budget (make sure you sign up for the FREE Underdog Millionaire Wealth Pack, which includes 5 valuable FREE e-books and a weekly small business newsletter).

His weekly, FREE Underdog Millionaire Tip Sheet gives priceless business advice on sales, marketing, copywriting, small business, motivation, product creation, customer retention, getting new customers, and much more.

He lives in Michigan with his wife, son, dog and 2 cats. Here, he's consulting and constantly researching new and innovative ways to get you tons of new customers. Using his methods you'll learn how to grow your small business in 3-6 months without wasting money on traditional advertising.

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Craigslist is a great place to test products, advertise your next business venture, and make some quick cash. In just a few minutes you can develop an ad that will help your entrepreneurial project

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

If you own a small business, there are five ways to grow it without wasting a penny on advertising. Too many small business owners think that they have to spend tons of money on traditional

Business > Entrepreneurialism l 2 years ago

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