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Michael E McDermott

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Michael McDermott is a motivational speaker, author, and musician. His series, Keepin' It Real, Volume's I, II, and III; Just Sayin' Volume's I, II, II; Successfully Single, Success isn't Accidental, Volumes 1,2; and Keepin' it Real, How to Self-Publish Your Book are available @ and some titles are available as E-Books @ Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

He has served in the areas of youth, music, and lead pastor since 1980, while raising three teenagers as a single parent. Michael believes that it has been a culmination of all of these experiences, including a battle with cancer in 2006, that have given him insight and a deep understanding of the struggles individuals face, particularly in regards to their relationships.

Michael McDermott's gift of teaching and his message of hope and encouragement enable him to communicate the truth of God's Word in a way that is understandable, practical, and real.

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I have heard this phrase commonly used to caution buyers to beware of cheap substitutes or look-alikes: accept no cheap imitations. How about haste makes waste? The most important decisions we make

Relationships> Readiness l 2 years ago

My name is Michael McDermott, and I would like to share with you how that God healed, and delivered me from the threat of death by an enemy called kidney cancer. I was 46 years old, in the middle of

Articles Categories> Cancer l 2 years ago

In any phase of life, it is important to dream about your future. Dreams create hope, and hope motivates you to accomplishment.

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

There are many scenarios in which people today are living out their lives single. They are single because of death, divorce, separation, abandonment, and some by choice. Whatever the reason...

Relationships> Singles l 2 years ago

Starting over is difficult, one of the hard things about it is knowing where to start. It may sound like a simple answer, but the best place to start is to return to the basic principles and values

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

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