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Brian Connor James

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I am a mediator in the Chicagoland area specializing in peaceful and cost effective divorces. My specialties include custody and visitation agreements that make sense and the equitable division of assets, debts and property.

The philosophy of our practice is that, if a divorce is going to happen, it doesn't have to be a battle, cause good parents to become bitter enemies and empty your bank accounts.

The articles I write typically have to do with different aspects of the mediation process, how it benefits people and how it is different than the "standard" divorce.

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When a marriage ends in divorce or, indeed, any significant relationship ends we add those experiences to our base of knowledge about ourselves and they do influence who we become. What we do with

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

Chaos can be very frightening for adults but this is especially true for children. A simple fact is that adults have more power than children and a greater ability to mitigate the chaos and

Relationships> Post Divorce l 2 years ago

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