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Jon Arnold

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I am a computer networking consultant by trade but have interests in many other areas & topics, and enjoy writing articles to share that information with others.

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There is much more to filing personal bankruptcy then just filling out a few forms. The courts will look at your financial situation with a microscope, and you need to make sure that bankruptcy is

Finance > Bankruptcy Personal l 2 years ago

Do you know what steps you must take to ensure that you are really protected in case something goes wrong while under the care of a hospital or doctors? Mistakes can happen and it is critical to know

Legal> Medical Malpractice l 2 years ago

Is it your dream to be able to graduate from college and not have any student loans to pay back? That dream can be a reality with college scholarships, and this article provides tips on how to

Finance > Student Loans l 2 years ago

Most people simply throw up their hands in despair when faced with huge personal debt, but filing personal bankruptcy is rarely the right option. Unless you are an expert in the financial industry,

Finance > Bankruptcy Personal l 2 years ago

When most people are overwhelmed by large debt, one of the first things that comes to mind is to file personal bankruptcy to get some relief. But as this article outlines, bankruptcy is frequently

Finance > Bankruptcy Personal l 2 years ago

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