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Doug Utberg

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As the founder of Business of Life LLC, I have an intense commitment to helping my clients achieve success through finding their personal passion and continual self improvement.

I hold a bachelors degree in Finance from Portland State University and an MBA from George Fox University. I have worked for Intel Corp, specializing in strategic projects and product pricing for its B Desktop microprocessor business. As SGT Utberg, I served for 6 years in the Marine Corps Reserve as a combat engineer for the 6th Engineer Support Battalion. I have also served in the capacity of President at my local Toastmasters Club and Church Congregation. Over the years, I have been engaged in a continual study of business, finance and economics as a part of my personal and professional development.

I am also the editor for the Financial Freedom Report, which is published through Platinum Properties Investor Network. I see writing as a way to contribute to a marketplace of ideas that encourage people to engage in critical thinking and self-analysis.

I believe in a vision of leadership that is based on the ability to inspire and motivate, instead of titles and authority. This belief is based on my experience serving as the president of my toastmasters club and church congregation.

As a husband and father, I seek to pursue a vision of success that places family first. My business philosophy is based on the notion that achievement without regard to family and loved ones is empty and unfulfilling. Stories abound about people who achieve tremendous levels of fame and wealth, but never feel truly happy. I firmly believe that friends and family are an important part of living a complete life. Success is a holistic notion that encompasses more than just money, possessions, fame, or recognition. All of my writing and teachings are oriented around achievement to provide for the people you care about.

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