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Dr. Thomas has 33 years of experience treating chronic conditions. After four years in philosophy and pre-med at Boston College and the Sorbonne in Paris, he did another four years post graduate study receiving his doctorate in chiropractic medicine and becoming a board certified chiropractic physician.

Nutrition is taught extensively in chiropractic medical education with an emphasis on blood analysis, x-ray diagnosis, human dissection and years of pathology and clinical examination.

Dr. Thomas has been a part of numerous publications. The Florida Journal of Chiropractic/Chiropractic Philosophy, Jacksonville Journal newspaper with a front page article about combining medicine and chiropractic, editor-in-chief of "The Prover" magazine of the Chiropractic Academy of Homeopathy, author of "The Homeopathic Promise" - a 150 page book about the place of Homeopathy in today's world, and currently hosts a television program "Nutritional Medicines by Lab Analysis" which has aired thousands of times in 5 major U.S. cities.

Over the last thirty-two years he has studied with the most renowned nutritionists and homeopaths in the world, including Martin Dayton MD, DO, Allan Spreen MD, Michael Rosenbaum MD, Elson Haas MD, Jeff Bland CN, William Kelly DDS, Catherine Coulter, Eizayaga, Bill Gray, Roger Morrison and various homeopaths from India.

In addition to eight years of medical training he has a Medical Doctor of Homeopathy license in India...a five year program.

Treating chronic disease is a complicated and tedious work. Most physicians can only spend a few minutes with each patient as their clinic owners and hospital management force them to keep on the move. Dr. Thomas spends half an hour just explaining what tests will be done...then he spends an hour going over the test results with you and discussing nutrient cures. He also requests that you check in with him once a month for at least a half hour to go over your symptoms and to discuss your nutrients.

Follow up studies are requested every two months for serious cases, every four to five months for less serious conditions, and 8 to 10 months for those working on optimum health.

33 years experience has taught Dr. Thomas the value of quality care, personal patient/doctor interaction and just what is required to obtain lasting results.

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