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We review books for well known authors and emerging authors, enabling many first time authors to reach the publishers with a recognizable review. We help you get the exposure you need to market your book effectively. We review both published books and manuscripts. Not only do we review books, we provide services for authors including book promotion services, and manuscript editing services. The only wish we have is for your success as an author.

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In the world of Sagaria - a place not so different than ours, other than virtually all the animals can talk and have roughly equal status in society - there are adventures to be had...

Book Reviews> SciFi Fantasy Horror l 2 years ago

Traveling can be a tiring activity, whether you're driving across the state or flying halfway around the world. As Lila L. Pinord demonstrates in her novel In Time, flitting across space and time at

Book Reviews> SciFi Fantasy Horror l 2 years ago

First, this is a self-transformation book. It is a "glass-could-be-half-full" book if you have the courage to (ful) fill it. Refreshingly, any political or otherwise dogmatic agenda you might intuit

Book Reviews> Self Help l 2 years ago

We all have heard the old adage "Never judge a book by its cover," but let's face it, we all make snap judgments about everything, everyone, all of the time. The way someone dresses, their hairstyle,

Book Reviews> Reference Encyclopedia l 4 years ago

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