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Connie Lewis

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I know that for some of us getting pregnant is very difficult. It took me 7 long years to have my first child. With my article writing i hope to help you in any way I can.

Now after almost losing my man to other hotter women...I've mastered the art of Dirty Talking....Check it out!

Don't give up!

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Do you want to know how to talk dirty to a man? Well it just so happens to be one of those questions that has a two part answer: The short answer and the long answer. Let's begin with the short

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

If you really found a guy you find special and he isn't returning your affection enough, you need some tips on how do you make a man want you more. I have written this article on just that. Keep on

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

Once you have that special man in your life, there's so many unsaid thoughts that you keep hid in your heart. Sometimes the timing is off to think of cute romantic things to say to your boyfriend. Or

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

Talking dirty isn't something that a lot of ladies find comfortable doing, especially went confronted with the idea of How to Talk Dirty With your man. Seeing the number of ladies [yes and some men]

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

Interesting! Cute romantic things to do for your boyfriend! There's a lot of things that us girls can do for our boyfriend or special man in our lives that will bring a smile to his face. Here are

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

Romantic boyfriend gifts should be just that... romantic! It should be something that shows him how much you love him and how passionate you are for him. Your gifts need to relay how much you love

Relationships> Enhancement l 2 years ago

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