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Katerina S. Schmidt

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Growing up, Katerina Schmidt dreamed of working in the beauty industry as a beautician, specializing in cosmetics and anti-aging skincare products. Due to life circumstances and parental influences, Katerina ended up becoming a high school English teacher instead. Having never quite given up on her childhood dreams, Katerina still has a great fondness of the beauty and skincare industry, and loves to spend her spare time reviewing cosmetics and anti-aging products on the web.

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The sun and your skin have a problematic and often contradictory relationship. While the human body requires regular exposure to the sun in order to produce vitamin D correctly and maintain proper

Health & Fitness> Skin Care l 2 years ago

The best anti-aging treatment of all is to prevent damaged skin from occurring. A wide range of environmental factors, from your diet to the amount of sun exposure you receive, can age and damage

Health & Fitness> Skin Care l 2 years ago

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