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Greg I Michaels

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Greg had been battling acne for over 11 years and finally won the war against acne. He has for the past 2 years been dedicating his life to educating people about acne and other skin diseases so that they too can have better and healthier skin.

His blog has more information and materials on acne and skincare

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One of the major effects of having acne for a prolonged time is the psychological effects that the disease has on the sufferer. This arises mainly because of the fact that acne usually appears in

Health & Fitness> Acne l 2 years ago

Acne vulgaris is derived from a Greek word 'akme' to mean 'point, edge' in the sense of 'skin eruption'. It is a common human disease found on the skin and affects mostly the face and upper parts of

Health & Fitness> Acne l 2 years ago

The food we take is not usually sufficient to provide all the nutrients required for having perfect skin. This is where beauty supplements come in. They are an important element of skin care since

Health & Fitness> Skin Care l 2 years ago

An article about stretch marks, what causes them and the ways through which they can be voided. This article is useful for the basic understanding of stretch marks.

Health & Fitness> Skin Care l 2 years ago

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