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Rahul Shariff

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Love for the environment, outdoor sports, meditation, yoga, technology, computers, food, healthy living, business, animal lover, nature lover and one among the millions of angels that God created on this lovely planet called earth is the best way to describe me as an individual. I am passionate about writing and this passion of mine towards life helps me stay happy and successful. I have a beautiful family and encouraging friends who I feel have been a part of me since eternity.

Writing helps me connect to my extended family of men, women and children all over the world. I consider the world a big family with each of us living in separate countries and continents yet bound by the single most important thread of love and humanity.

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Fallacy is the error in reasoning during an argument. When you debate on a topic, you would need to support every point you make with actual facts. If your reasoning does not have support your

Articles Categories> Communications l 2 years ago

The arguments that you present could be strong or weak depending on the evidence that you provide in support of it. You would be able to improve their quality when they are backed by good reasoning.

Articles Categories> Communications l 2 years ago

Claim, data and warrant are three important components of an argument and they would need to be supported by logical reasoning and proof. You would not be able to persuade the audience without

Articles Categories> Communications l 2 years ago

There is often a misconception that debates are nothing but arguments with people who have an opposing view. Debates are actually persuading your opponent to accept your point of view through

Articles Categories> Communications l 2 years ago

There is a tendency among us to look at eating disorders as nothing much to bother about. A vast majority of us don't give it the importance that it deserves. But the fact is that this disorder is

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

Individuals with bulimia nervosa are concerned about their weight and indulge in a cycle of eating and then purging. It is a disorder related to eating food. It is similar to anorexia nervosa and

Health & Fitness> Eating Disorders l 2 years ago

Mood disorder is a category of mental health problem that affects children teenagers and adults. There are a number of causes due to which the disorder occurs in individuals and it could be genetic

Health & Fitness> Mood Disorders l 2 years ago

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