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All species face a fight for survival, and disease is one of the biggest killers. Discover what diseases meerkats are threatened by, and what's being done to help them.

Pets> Exotic l 2 years ago

Different species use different reproductive strategies to ensure that their offspring survive long enough to create the next generation. Some species have thousands of babies, and give them no

Pets> Exotic l 2 years ago

Like all wild animals, meerkats face a variety of threats, but what are the main dangers a meerkat is likely to face? Discover the survival challenges that meerkats face in the wild.

Pets> Exotic l 2 years ago

Discover why meerkats are such social animals, what life is like inside a meerkat clan, and how new clans form. Find out these answers, and learn more about Africa's cutest predator.

Pets> Exotic l 2 years ago

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