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James K. Robinson

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I am a former production management specialist in the field of a printing, publishing, and the graphic arts, now retired.

My personal interests lie mainly in the sciences, leaning more so to the life-sciences where the great unsolved mysteries of life's origins have yet to be discovered, but I am also a follower of anthropology, the earth-sciences, astronomy with interest in the topics of super-nova and gamma-ray bursts. I'm a reader really, just interested that's all, not a student.

My wife and I, and children now grown up, live in Canada, with one exception, a daughter living in England, the country of my own birth.

I have written articles here and elsewhere on: Terrestrial Volcanoes, Impact Craters, The Sun, Questioning the Cause of Dinosaur Extinctions, William Shakespeare, The Genius of Gutenberg, The Stock Market, etc., etc.

Diabetes I also have a 2 web sites on the subject of diabetes, and, information for diabetics, of which I am one, a type 2 for 20 years now. I am not a health care professional and my comments conform to mainstream diabetes treatment and procedures. I just state them from the viewpoint of a patient.

Oriental Dance I also have a blog: I come to the topic of Oriental dance, writing on the history, culture, personalities, and connections with art and literature, as a challenging exercise to learn something new but with, in some ways, an affection for the former civilizations and history of the Middle East.

That is even though I spent almost a year in Egypt in less than comfortable conditions as a member of the British Armed Forces when Great Britain still controlled the Suez Canal.

It was not like being Lawrence of Arabia I must add, considering my duties as a lowly sapper in the Royal engineers. But the sands were the same.

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