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One of the things that I always find to be a little bit peculiar is just how eager people seem to be to give others relationship advice even when they don't seem to be doing that well in that area

Relationships> Conflict l 2 years ago

Losing all hope when it comes to getting back with an ex girlfriend is one of the worst things that can happen to a guy. It feels terrible when you feel like you don't stand a chance to get back the

Relationships> Conflict l 2 years ago

When you are in a relationship with a woman, it can be kind of hard to always know what to do to keep the conversation rolling on between you and her. There might be times when you really want to get

Articles Categories> Relationships l 2 years ago

There are some situations that you think that you can handle when you don't have to really face the music and then when you actually do have to - you find out that you just can't deal with it the way

Relationships> Conflict l 2 years ago

Cheating is one of those things that we don't want to ever find out about or have happen to us, but there are some situations that can be harder to deal with than others. For example, what if you

Relationships> Affairs l 2 years ago

Have you been feeling the pressure coming from the woman you are dating that you need to make some kind of a commitment to her, and even though you care about her a lot, you just are not sure that

Relationships> Commitment l 2 years ago

Hesitation and procrastination are two things that people will do when they don't feel like they are really ready to do what they need to do. So, if you find that you seem to be hesitant about dating

Relationships> Readiness l 2 years ago

If you have ever gotten the advice that you should try and be friends first with a woman in order to have a chance at a relationship with her, then I am sure that it sounded like a good idea at

Relationships> Friendship l 2 years ago

I've had my fair share of experience with trying to make a long distance relationship work and so, I know that it can be tough from first hand dealings with this situation. When I was younger, a

Relationships> Long Distance l 2 years ago

It may be hard to make a long distance romance work out, but there are some things that you can do to try and make the best of it. This article explores three tips on what you can do to try and make

Relationships> Long Distance l 2 years ago

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