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Dr. Robert W Pollock

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I am the author of Teacher Interviews How to Get Them! How to Get Hired!; a book that has helped 1000's of prospective teachers through the maze of interviewing for a teaching position. I am a consultant for school districts throughout the country. I speak education students about the hiring process. I am a professor of education at Tusculum College, Knoxville, Tennessee.

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I am often asked by seminar students just how it is that interviewers decide between three or four really good candidates. What kinds of criteria are used to make that final decision? That is a

Business > Interviews l 2 years ago

I cannot stress enough the need for you to prepare a separate and distinct resume for each district to which you apply. Boilerplate documents are easily spotted and will not generally stand up to the

Business > Interviews l 2 years ago

Of all the interview formats, I believe the group interview is the one that most often throws candidates into a tailspin. Yet, that does not have to be the case. In fact, if handled properly, it can

Business > Interviews l 2 years ago

If you're seeking a teaching position, this prime interview season, now is NOT the time to send out those boiler-plated resumes. But, it is a good time to look at a few better ideas and re-engineer

Business > Interviews l 2 years ago

You might be someone who is still in college or someone coming from an alternate route or even be a current teacher planning for a new position in a different district; whatever your current

Business > Interviews l 2 years ago

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