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Chris Hartpence

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A lifelong artist, Chris and his wife, Christina, spend their days creating in a small seaside town in South Carolina.

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First, you might be wondering, if you only have one child, and you don't run, why on earth would you even want to consider buying one of these? It's a fair question, but the answers contained below

Home & Family> Baby Showers l 2 years ago

Pools are a big deal, and usually, a big, expensive deal. That's why anytime someone starts thinking about getting one, the question will come up. For me, I did tons of research, but liked what I saw

Recreation & Sports> Swimming l 2 years ago

Swim spas have been around in one form or another for years, but because hot tub pricing was general so much more attractive than the swim variant, they were seen almost exclusively as playthings for

Recreation & Sports> Swimming l 2 years ago

Even though swim spas are hugely beneficial from a health and wellness perspective, they suffer from one major drawback. Namely, price. They are enormously expensive, running into the tens of

Health & Fitness> Spa and Wellness l 2 years ago

If you've done your homework, and settled on this brand, then you've probably read a number of Endless Pools reviews, and seen all the glowing things that people have to say about them. I'll readily

Health & Fitness> Spa and Wellness l 2 years ago

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