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Karen Cannady

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Water has always been a passion for me. I love being in, on, or around bodies of water and I even drink a lot of water. Working with people in the water for over 16 years has given me an even deeper respect for the blessings of the water. Aquatic therapy is perfect for healing, water aerobics can provide an incredible workout, and water is a great medicine for healing. That's why I created the blog called Aquatics And Healing. It's a place to find out how and why water can be used for health, healing, and fitness. Being in chlorinated water for so many years has been a personal challenge. Personally I've experienced many health issues as a result. Therefore, I made it my mission to find the perfect solution which I found in copper ionization. As an authorized dealer I now market and sell the system to pool & hot tub owners all over the US. If you are looking for a chemical and chlorine free pool then look no further. My intention is to help at least 1000 people in 2012 to clean up their environment by having healthy water in their pools and hot tubs. How may I serve you?

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There is a viable alternative to chlorine & bromine as a swimming pool sanitizer. It's called copper ionization. Copper ionization is the only healthy disinfectant. It's most notable use is by NASA

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