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Shirley Slick

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I started teaching Mathematics in 1972 and retired from teaching and tutoring in 2005. Over the years I experienced many different changes in mathematics education; but as I now examine in detail their results, I see that none of those changes had any significant positive impact on mathematics education. Sadly, some of those changes actually caused more harm than good.

It has become my mission for retirement to make a significant positive impact on mathematics education -- specifically with Algebra because of its 50% failure rate. To this end, I have four specific areas of interest: (1) parents of preschool children need to be given training and assurance to accomplish with math what they do so well for language development, (2) students in Algebra need help to become more successful and their parents need to be able to help them, (3) teachers of mathematics need help applying to the classroom many of the techniques resulting from the latest brain research, and (4) the general public needs to be better informed about the current issues related to the field of education.

With degrees in Mathematics, Education, and Psychology, as well as, additional training in brain-based teaching and learning, I am uniquely qualified to positively impact these four areas.

I am also a life-long animal lover. At various times in my life, I have had chameleons, frogs, turtles, hamsters, Guinea pigs, parakeets, cockatiels, cats, and dogs; and my Sheltie and I earned her CD, CDX, and UD in obedience. The recent notoriety of puppy-mills has brought a rapid increase to the number of rescue groups. After a recent very bad experience with a local puppy-mill rescue group, I have realized that there is a "dark side" to some of these groups. It has become another one of my retirement missions to make sure that people who wish to adopt a dog or donate to these rescue groups understand the facts before they do so.

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