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Still fighting my way through school and working on the novel that never ends....

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Women, men, or children can become victims of a sexual crime. When this happens, the victim usually blames him or herself and may not even report it. If you have or are ever a victim of a sexual

Legal> Employment Law l 2 years ago

When it comes to taking care of skin, people can purchase over-the-counter items, make homemade remedies, or they can purchase their skin care items from a dermatologist. Buying skin care products

Health & Fitness> Skin Care l 2 years ago

From an architectural point-of-view, the most dramatic first-impression is often made by doors. Custom doors open-up a whole range of exciting possibilities; it may be a striking exterior door that

Home Improvement> Doors l 2 years ago

In the modern world, businesses live and die with their computers. Can your business perform billing without access to a computerized accounting system? How about processing payroll?

Business > Management l 2 years ago

Tattoos in the Workplace In this tough economy, job openings are scarce. As the unemployment rate increases so does competition between prospective employees. In an attempt to gain the advantage over

Arts & Entertainment> Tattoos l 2 years ago

There is little doubt that you have seen the peculiar new "bar codes" appearing on packages, advertisements, and even in the newspaper. Just what are these and how do you use them?   These codes

Communications> GPS l 2 years ago

Every time a celebrity goes into rehab, the media finds out and broadcasts it everywhere. It becomes a source of negative gossip. Instead, people should be happy that the celebrity is taking steps to

Self Improvement> Addictions l 2 years ago

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorder. Children may suffer from one or both of the two ADHD subtypes, including an inattentive type and a

Health & Fitness> Developmental Disabilities l 2 years ago

Declaring bankruptcy is never something you want to do. There are many consequences that you have to think long and hard about before doing so. However, you can still file for bankruptcy with dignity.

Finance > Bankruptcy l 2 years ago

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